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8 months ago

03/15/2018, 06:03 AM
First of all, I read many reviews and a lot of customers said Rustic Fencing was pricey. Not in my case. Actually, they were within $100 of the bids of three competitors. I took bids from five companies and narrowed it to Rustic and MNG. MNG was wonderfully responsive, answering my questions in full detail with rapid-fire responses. Rustic Fencing wasn't as interactive, but they didn't ignore me, either. I just don't like having to wait a couple of days for a call to be returned. I felt the differences between them might be as close as a coin flip, but there were several things that broke the tie. Rustic has been in the business a very, VERY long time. The man who dug the post holes has worked for them for DECADES. The crew that knocked out my job in dreary weather in a single day? You guessed it, they also have DECADES of work with Rustic. Rustic uses No. 1 cedar, something only MNG considered. Instead of spraying on the stain, Rustic soaks the wooden planks in the stain. (I would think that, as the planks get nicked up over the years, the wood should retain a more finished look with the color having soaked into the planks.) Note, future customers, that they only have one color they use for the stain (because there wasn't enough call for the others they once offered), but don't let that be a factor; Rustic quickly accommodated me on unique needs I had for the project. Two more things that really set Rustic apart: 1) their warranty (one bidder offered 90 days, which pales to 5-7 years, depending on what you have done), and 2) the way they made the gate for me. Rustic didn't put up the typical wooden gate. They made a steel frame. Even after the wood rots away, the steel gate can just be resurfaced with new planks. It's rock-solid. Rustic even made it with adjustable parts on the hinged area to accommodate future swelling, settling, or whatever would get in the way of smooth movement. Like so many other reviewers noted, the actual craftsmanship by Rustic is first-class. It's almost 'art' if you add some of the ornamentation, not just a 'fence.' Rustic's agent who worked with me designed the entire thing--right down to keeping the fence level on the top despite a hard slope in the yard--and came to my house before and after the project to make sure neither I nor they had any 'hidden surprises.' I'd liken the experience somewhat to buying tires: you might get plenty of mileage off a cheap set of tires but, if you want to be safe, get the good stuff because the money isn't going to matter in the long's the quality of life the investment offers you in safety.
I needed to have 12 linear feet of fencing put up on one side of my house and, on the opposite side, a locking gate with a matching appearance to the wooden fence.